Jonathan Solofa Fatu
Jonathan Solofa Fatu
Ring name Jimmy Uso
First Appearance Welcome to the WWE
Last Appearance Diva Divide
Left the show? No


Jonathan Solofa Fatu is a recurring cast member on Total Divas. Jonathan has appeared in the following thirteen episodes: Diva DivideNurse Nikki, Summer Slam, The Reunion After Party Show, No Longer The Bridesmaid, A Leg Up, Diva Las Vegas, Feuding FunkadactylsThe Fat Twin, Planet Funk is Funked Up, A Tango With Fandango and Welcome to the WWE.

Jonathan made his return to Total Divas in the Season 4 premiere episode, Diva Divide where he was with Trinity and other WWE divas, discussing the heat over Eva Marie having private training sessions.

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