JJ Garcia
JJ Garcia
Ring name JJ
First Appearance Feuding Funkadactyls
Last Appearance Indecent Exposure
Left the show? Recurring


JJ Garcia is Brianna Monique Danielson and Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace's brother. He has appeared in four episodes. Feuding Funkadactyls where him, Brianna and Nicole visit their father and Wedding Mania where he exposes Nicole's secret of her having a first marriage to John. And also the Season 3 episodes, The Double-Cross, Cross Country Catastrophe and Indecent Exposure.


  • Once appeared on the September 14, 2015 episode of WWE Monday Night RAW in a segment which featured The Bella Twins and Jerry Springer.
  • Works as a Executive Search Consultant at JBN & Associates, LLC.

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