Bryan Danielson
Ring name Daniel Bryan
First Appearance A Tango With Fandango
Last Appearance Girl vs. Girl Bye
Left the show? Recurring


Bryan Danielson is a recurring character in Total Divas, better known by the name Daniel Bryan in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), he's Brie Bella's husband and has been in Total Divas since the debut/pilot episode. At the start of Season One, Nikki thought that she hated Bryan and didn't like him and then went on to call him names. After Brie convinced her that Bryan was a nice guy, they started to get along very well since then. In the episode, A Tango with Fandango Brie and Bryan go and vacation and so does John Cena and Nikki Bella. Brie finds it quite hard to the accept the fact that Bryan's famous and has millions of fans.

In Season Two, Bryan rents a tour bus and has very strict rules that some of the guests that are can't follow, this makes Bryan quite angry and frustrated, after that episode they decided not to use the idea of renting out a bus since. Summer Rae started trying to get flirty with Bryan but Brie said that she was 'crossing a line'. In the episode Wedding Mania you can watch Bryan and Brie get married. Because of Bryan's physical health and his injury in Season Three, Brie urges him to go and see a doctor. Brie and Bryan also talk about future after there time in the WWE. Bryan and Nikki stage a intervention for Brie who they think is having anger issues towards them. In Season Three, Brie and Bryan get robbed and from then on Brie tries to takes manners into her own hands.